From Cognac with love...

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From Cognac with love...

Ah, Cognac…

When it comes to spirits, the market is highly varied. It will come to the point that it will be harder to choose and to know the difference between them.

Cognac is a very special spirit; if you have had the opportunity to try a glass, you will agree that it is a unique experience. It doesn't have to be the old fashioned way - sitting on a leather couch, next to a hunting rifle, cigar in hand and your loyal bulldog laying next to you near a fireplace; or not even after a long dinner as a digestive, highly popular in French culture. Cognac has so much more to offer than just the hoity-toity.

This is one of those drinks that, from a personal experience, will romantically transport you to a different time and place with the three main types Cognac offers - V.S, V.S.O.P, and X.O. Each spends their own time aging in an oak barrel, sealed away from all the changes of the world and frozen in time. V.S (Very Special) for two years, V.S.O.P (Very Special Old Pale) for four years, and X.O (Extra Old) for six years.

Nowadays it is also really popular to have it as a cocktail, and bartenders are experimenting with ways to keep Cognac interesting for us youngsters, who are always looking for something different and new.

The question that we should ask ourselves is how to drink and taste it in a way that we can experience all that this spirit has to offer. There are different points of view of how you should do it whether you’re drinking a Cognac from Otard, Hennessy, Delamain, Tesseron, L’herauld or some other brand.

Theres is no right or wrong. It’s all in your own preference and there is no judgment.

In my opinion there are different ways you can enjoy Cognac. If you feel like a Cognac novice, you can always start with a V.S on the rocks, or by experimenting with it in a cocktail.

At the end if you feel like having a « voyage » through history and smelling aromas that will take you on a trip down memory lane, you should try the X.O. in a tulip shape glass, just like the traditional way. …without the hunting rifle and cigar scene. A découvrir ici ‣